What is FEP?

FEP is Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene


But what is FEP? FEP is the melt processable version of PTFE and can be extruded and vacuum formed. FEP has the same chemical resistance and non-stick properties as PTFE. Some of these properties are:


  • Excellent thermal stability. FEP keeps its properties at temperatures of -200 to 204 ° C
  • Chemically inert. Resistant to almost all chemicals and solvents, preserving its properties even after prolonged exposure.
  • Best non-stick properties of all plastics.
  • Transparent with high transmittance of ultraviolet (97%)and visible radiation up to (99,9%).
  • Resistant to environmental influences such as ozone, sun- and UV light.
  • Virtually invisible in water due to the lowest refractive index of all plastics.
  • FDA approved.
  • Non-porous.
  • A low dielectric constant high dielectric strength.
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