Other Fluoroplastic Products

Our patented ETFE panels, unique microcoating on-site with our special HMX-09 coating. Innovations with Fluoroplastics have always have been an important part of Holscot.

Please have a look at the products below and please contact us if you think our materials can help you with your problems.

ETFE teflon release film

ETFE film

Mechanically stronger than FEP. Used in sport parks such as the Allianz Arena and the Beijing pool.

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ETFE roof, ETFE architectuur

ETFE panels

Holscot patented ETFE panels: Suitable for greenhouses and buildings.

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FEP coating


- Teflon ® Spray coatings

- HMX-09 Microcoating for headboxes, coating on-site.

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