Holscot Europe offers a variety of services. We can extrude directly on to your items, we have years of experience with fitting FEP an PFA heat shrinkable sleeves, we can etch and weld Fluoroplastics and more.


Please have a look at the possibilities:



In-line coating

Directly extruding on many surfaces like fluorescent lamps and heat exchanger bars. 

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Fitting heat shrinkable sleeves

The fitting of a FEP, PFA or Teflon ® heat shrinkable sleeve is a specialist job.

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Linings of tanks and vessels

Inert to chemicals and the non-stick qualities make FEP, PFA or PTFE the ideal materials for linings.

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FEP coating

Coating on-site

Our HMX-09 UV cured micro coating can be a great solution for build-up of dirt. Very effective for headboxes.

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PFA folie


Welding film offers the possibility to make very large sheets or large diameters heat shrinkable sleeves.

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The etching fluoroplastics often is chemically dangerous and a specialist process.

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