We can coat your parts with a Teflon ® spray coating. The Teflon ® spray coating makes your parts:

  • Non-stick
  • Low friction
  • Waterproof
  • Corrosion insensitive
  • Electric insulation

FEP Teflon ® coatings, PFA Teflon ® coating, PTFE Teflon ® coatings or a combination are all possible.

PFA spray coating

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HMX-09 Microcoating

This coating is highly valued in the paper industry.
This micro coating changes the molecular structure of the metal on which it is applied and creates a surface that has:

  • Less build-up of dirt
  • A non-stick surface
  • Less cleaning
  • Less production stops

The micro coat is only 5 microns thick and works best in a "wet" environment like the head box and pipes of a paper mill. The material will be applied on site by our specialists.

FEP coating

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