ETFE film

ETFE teflon filmETFE film


ETFE, a very strong material

Due to the properties of ETFE film this is the material of choice for large sports parks such as the Allianz Arena and the Beijing national pool. Brand names of ETFE include Tefzel ® from DuPont ® Fluon of Asahi Glass Company and Neoflon ® ETFE Daikin.
Compared to glass, ETFE film is only 1% of the weight, allows through more of the light spectrum, it is very easy to keep clean and very strong.

  • Very strong. Holds up to 400 times its own weight
  • Exceptional UV transmission
  • Withstands temperatures up to 150 ° C
  • Resistance to many chemicals
  • Light weight
  • Very suitable as ETFE release film
  • Fireproof

ETFE film is the ideal material for our patented panels which are used in greenhouses and buildings.

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