FEP film

FEP Teflon film

 FEP film

FEP Film


FEP film is a transparent fluoroplastic with a unique combination of properties:

  • Resistant to high temperatures (204 ° C)
  • Chemically resistant
  • Ultimate non-stick surface
  • UV stable
  • Not flammable
  • High electrical insulation
  • Very transparent

This unique combination of properties makes FEP film interesting for a variety of  applications. Think of the flexvat for SLA, LCS and DPL 3D printers. UV disinfection systems, FEP as release foil for molds in the composite industry. In the chemical industry, because of the unique chemical resistance, as gasket or as separation foil. These are just a few examples.


Buy FEP film online


Holscot Europe has set up a special site in order to be able to easily meet the large demand for FEP film: www.FEP-Film.com. We sell here FEP films cut to size, per meter or also more complex machine cut parts. The FEP film is on stock, and will sent within 2 working days, payment can be easily online and delivery is worldwide.

Buy FEP film online? Cut to size, on length or roll of full rolls.


You can choose from 7 different standard thicknesses:

If you do not yet know exactly which thickness is most suitable for your application, we also offer a number of FEP sample packages.

Manipulations of  FEP film and specials


In addition to the "standard" FEP film, we can also supply glassbacked film. The glassbacked FEP film is resistant to virtually all chemicals on the FEP side and can be attached to almost any surface on the glass side.

We also have years of experience in manipulating FEP film, we even won the prestigious Plunkett Award in the past. We can offer FEP films as:



By manipulating FEP film we can make various products such as FEP fuel tanks, FEP lens protection caps, FEP bags, containers, belts and much more.


FEP film properties



FEP Film Properties
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity 2.15 ASTM D1505
Tensile Strength (machine direction) 290 Kg/cm2
Tensile Strength (transverse direction) 275 Kg/cm2
Elongation (machine direction) 350 %
Elongation (transverse direction) 360 %
Bending Resistance >100,000 cycles
Co-efficient of friction (static) (to steel ball) 0.1-0.4 Bauden-Rebens
Contact Angle (water) 110-115 degrees
Optical Properties
Transmittance (wavelength 0.2 to 3) 95 %
Refractive Index 1338 N25
Thermal Properties
Melting Point 270 °C
Lowest temp of thermal decomposition 420 °C 10°C/min temp rise
Specific heat 0.28 Cal/g.cm
Co-efficient of thermal conductivity 6×10-4 Cal/sec °C.cm ASTM C177
Co-efficient of linear expansion 8.3-10.5×10-5 1/°C ASTM D696
Heat Shrinkage Rate (machine direction) -0.4 % 0.005mm 30 min at 150°C
Heat Shrinkage Rate (transverse direction) +0.3 % 0.005mm 30 min at 150°C
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant 103 – 109Hz (22°-2°C) 2.05 ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor 103 Hz (22°-2°C) <0.0002 ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor 106 Hz (22°-2°C) 0.0004 ASTM D150
Dissipation Factor 103 Hz (22°-2°C) 0.0015 ASTM D150
Volume Resistivity (22°C) 1018 Ohm-cm ASTM D257
Dielectric strength 13 Kv/100microns ASTM D149
N2 Gas 120×10-10 Cm3.cm/cm2.sec.atm ASTM D1434
O2 Gas 370×10-10 Cm3.cm/cm2.sec.atm ASTM D1434
H2 Gas 1080×10-10 Cm3.cm/cm2.sec.atm ASTM D1434
CO2 Gas 970×10-10 Cm3.cm/cm2.sec.atm ASTM D1434
CH4 Vapours 66×10-10 Cm3.cm/cm2.sec.atm ASTM D1434
Ethylene Vapours 44×10-10 Cm3.cm/cm2.sec.atm ASTM D1434
Moisture Permeability 1.6 g/m2. 24hrs
Water absorption <0.01 %, 24hrs ASTM D570
Critical Oxygen Index >95 % by vol.
Water, moisture Excellent
Sunlight, ultraviolet rays Excellent
These values are typical performance data, not intended to be used as design data