FEP vacuum forming

FEP teflon vacuum form

FEP vacuumform

FEP vacuum forming, FEP thermoforming and FEP membranes

FEP vacuum forming (thermoforming) is a specialized activity, mainly due to the high temperatures needed for this process, in order to create the complex shapes. Therefore rely on Holscot’s many years of experience with vacuum forming to solve your problems.


FEP Vacuum forming is a process that makes use of moulds. The moulds are heated and the FEP film is tensioned in a vacuum environment covering the mould. Due to the heat used during this process, this is also called thermoforming.

An FEP membrane can be used to separate compartments. Often, the vacuum forming technique is used to produce FEP membranes.

There are also possibilities to etch the FEP, so the item can be bonded to your product.

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