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Yes, through distributors and own offices Holscot is able to deliver its products worldwide. Holscot Europe is responsible primary in mainland Europe.

Yes, Holscot has a demanding quality system and is ISO9001 certified. Additionally Holscot is an approved source for many international customers.

Shrinking starts at relatively low temperatures. For a successful installation, it is advisable to purchase a powerful heat gun. Click here to view the video for the fitting of a PFA or FEP heat shrinkable sleeve.

An aluminium frame is covered with ETFE. This panel can be easily placed into structures.

Normally, there is a band wrapped around the fluorescent lamp in order to show that it is made shatter-resistant.

That depends on the diameter. Just to let us know the size of the roller and we will make sure the sleeve will fit your roller.

97% of UVA and UVB light. For UVC around 60-80% depending on the application.

Yes, the FEP will prevent accumulations of dirt from fillers, adhesives etc. Cylinders with FEP sleeves can be cleaned very easy with water.

The work will be done by our specialists and will last depending on the size, accessibility and support up to 12 hours. Preparations such as the cleaning of the cylinder must be done in advance by the paper mill. In case of an order, this will be discussed in detail.

With the right FEP lamp sleeve and steam tunnel oven or heat gun, which can also be delivered by Holscot, it is certainly possible. Especially for small quantities. However, it is quite labour intensive. That’s why most of our clients, who require large quantities, let us do the coating in-line in our factory. You can send us the lamps and we coat, check and repack them. Click here for more information.

Yes, the Holscot Group consists of six divisions of which Holscot Europe is one. Our headquarters and main production centre is at Grantham, UK. We also have a unit in Scotland. Besides the head office there are two other units in England and one in Germany. Holscot Europe is located in Breda, The Netherlands.

Holscot is not part of a larger group. It is privately owned.

Holscot Europe is primarily a sales office and warehouse but the fitting of small rollers, small quantities of lighting etc. are possible. Most products are produced by our head office in Grantham or our manufacturing sites in Oldham (greater Manchester) in Leven (Scotland) and Cinderford (Forest of Dean). Holscot Europe is a distribution point for continental Europe.

Yes, it often happens that we cover banana bowed rollers with FEP or PFA. The installation of the tubing works slightly different. Watch the video here.

Holscot Europe has a warehouse. Some standard items are on stock here. It is also possible to hold customer-specific stock for extra fast delivery times by agreement.

Yes, click here for the possibilities.

Certainly, lay flat tubing is in fact a normal extrusion with a thin wall which can be rolled up.

Yes, for some offshore projects we have produced lengths of more than 2,500 meters.

Yes, our production staff with years of experience can make virtually any colour. However, a minimum order quantity will apply. Ask for the possibilities.

Yes, we can etch the film. Click here to see the possibilities.

Yes, we can make large sheets by welding the film. Click here to see the possibilities.

Yes, by vacuum- or thermoforming we can manipulate films. We even created the world largest vacuum forming for the Space Station.

Yes, we do tests according to the general standards that apply in our branch. Lamps are thrown from 4 meters to a concrete floor. If the glass stays in our FEP sleeve, the lamp passed. In addition we have independent certification to IEC 61549 by the market leaders “the lighting association”

Yes, both PFA and FEP are available with a glass backing. The minimum thickness is 1.5 mm. Click here to see possibilities of this material.

A FEP sleeve can endure a long-term a temperature of around 150°C. Peaks of up to 204 ° C are possible.
A PFA shrink tube can endure 200 ° C with peaks up to 260 ° C.

Holscot Europe is located in Breda, the Netherlands. Customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, France and Eastern Europe are supplied. For other areas, we can of course propose a dealer.

Holscot can extrude from 3 mm to 400 mm diameter. Wall thickness are possible between 0.1 mm and 3 mm. Custom-specific extrusions are also possible. Ask for the details.

A micro coating is a very thin coating of up to 5 microns, which can be applied on site. This coating is ideal in a wet environment like the Head box of a paper mill. The coating actions a molecular change in the structure of the metal and provides a non-stick surface.

A Teflon ® spray coating is sprayed on the item and then baked to harden in a oven. Depending on the application, there are different types of PTFE, PFA and FEP coatings or combinations. Do you have any parts that need to be coated, please contact us for advice on the right coating.

Extrusion is a shaping technique in which a deformable material is pressed through a die.

In 1970 Holscot is established by a Hollander and a Scotsman.

FEP Teflon ® is a melt proccesable version of PTFE and can be extruded and vacuum formed. FEP has great chemical resistance and non-stick properties. Like all Teflon ® it is manufactured by DuPont. Click here for more information.

PFA Teflon ® is a sister polymer of FEP Teflon ® and is therefore also a melt proccesable version of PTFE. PFA is developed to improve some of the properties of FEP it can, for example, operate at higher temperatures. Click here for more information.

PTFE – the original fluoropolymer. Accidentally discovered by Roy Plunkett in 1938 while working at a subsidiary of DuPont. Click for more information.

Teflon ® is a trade name of DuPont de Nemours and includes their PTFE, FEP and PFA Fluoroplastics. Teflon ® is a trade name and so it is a not the type of material.

In general, Dutch and English. Of course we also speak some German and French.

FEP and PFA film is available in minimum thicknesses 0.025 mm. Maximum thickness of FEP is 2.4 mm and of PFA 6 mm.

All standard ASA150 and PN10 / 16 flanges can be covered. All customer specific sizes can be produced. See the full description of the FEP flange shields.

Straight fluorescent lights, round fluorescent lights, U-shaped fluorescent lights can all be made shatter-resistant. Please have a look at our product range.

FEP allows 97% UV light through, is resistant to UV light and doesn’t discolour. Also, FEP withstands high temperatures. Therefore, FEP is the most suitable material for making shatter-resistant lighting.

No, UV does not have any influence on the properties of the ETFE. That is one of the reasons that this material is used in our panels.

Yes, we can extrude up to 400 mm, the extrusion is then expanded, therefore rollers up to 450 mm can be coated with it. Larger rollers, like drying cylinders, we can provide with a welded sleeve solution.