Holscot Europe

Holscot Europe, specialists in Fluoroplastics.


Holscot Europe are part of the Holscot Advanced Polymers group. Our headquarters are located in Grantham, England. We have four divisions:

Besides Holscot Europe, there are two manufacturing & sales facilities in the UK and one sales facility in Germany.


The Holscot group are specialist innovators


  • Winners of the prestigious Plunkett Award
  • Manufacturers of parts for the space station
  • Suppliers to aircraft manufacturers.
Teflon Vacuüm vormTeflon in straalmotoren

Holscot Europe, supplier of Fluoroplastics products

Often Fluoroplastics are called Teflon ®. There are different types such as FEP, PFA, ETFE and PTFE.

We make the following products of these materials: