PFA Products

PFA has all the features as FEP and also has the following improvements: resistant to a constant temperature of 250 ° C and more than 100 times the bend / flex life compared FEP.


From PFA we make the following products:


PFA teflon slang

PFA extruded tubes and hoses

Excellent for higher temperatures and again large stocks held. Custom extrusions are possible.

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PFA teflon krimpmouw

PFA heat shrinkable sleeves

Excellent for higher temperatures up to 260 °C and better flex life. The ultimate non-stick surface.

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PFA teflon folie

PFA film

A large stock of PFA film in many thicknesses and widths. For extra demanding applications.

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PFA machined part

PFA parts

Precision machined PFA semi-finished parts, from single pieces to very large series.

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