Shatter-resistant lamps

Shatter-resistant (fluorescent) lighting is often used by companies and in areas with high risk like the food- and medical industries and other areas where safety and security is a must.
A simple accident with a normal lamp can lead to the spread of thousands of glass particles. This can be prevented with the Holscot FEP lamp protection which captures the glass particles in a fragment retention system to IEC 61549!
From all available plastic materials only FEP is found suitable to provide a guaranteed long lasting protection and while other plastics and systems will protect the light when first installed, only FEP can offer long life protection exceeding the recommended life span of the lamp

Some of the properties of FEP lamp covers are:


  • Insensitive to UV light so will not degrade or discolor.
  • 97% UV light-transmission.
  • Available in shrinking and reusable sleeves.
  • Total encapsulation for maximum protection.
  • Properties stay the same over time, exceed manufacturers life span.

A true “fit & forget” solution to your H & S requirements.

Extra information and downloads: